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Hello Friends!


I know this post is long, but STAY with me. It has been quite some time now that I have been intrigued by those in the #biblejournaling community who would write out a verse-a-day. I thought it was a great way to practice handlettering, but other than that I didn’t realize how deep it actually is. UNTIL, I felt moved as part of @coxscreations to host my only daily verse-a-day challenge. I literally found myself asking "Why? There’s so many out there, what’s the point?"

Then as I was reading in the book “Saints:The Standard of Truth” I had one of those coconut on the head light bulb moments. Joseph Smith asked Oliver Cowdery to make copies of the Book of Mormon manuscript. Joseph did that because he didn’t want to lose anymore pages that had been translated. But, something amazing happened to Oliver. This is what it said:

“Oliver enjoyed copying the book, and letters he wrote at the time were saturated with its language.” Oliver went on to say, “When I begin to write on the mercies of God,” he told Joseph, “I know not when to stop, but time and paper fail.”

Guys! As we write out the words of the scriptures and the mercies of God on paper, we are writing them in our hearts and our very language will show it. SO, here’s what’s up! I am introducing the #coxscreationschallenge.

I will include the daily prompts on all of my social media channels and I will have one on my NEW blog found at Print off the monthly challenge and keep it in front of your scriptures.

I have felt SO led in this that I already have the entire years’ worth of themes chosen. We will be writing a verse-a-day from the scriptures that teach us of the mercies of God and our Savior Jesus Christ. These include: The Old Testament, The New Testament, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price. My heart races as I list all of those books of scripture because I know that I am opening myself up to receive some backlash, but I’m no stranger to it. I definitely don’t welcome it, or say “bring it on”…but I do say, I will take it if it brings my brothers and sisters closer to the Savior Jesus Christ.

My friends who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I invite you to take the #coxscreationschallenge too! I’d love for you to copy out all of the verses that are part of the challenge, if you don’t have the scriptures necessary, reach out to me, I will get them to you! However, if you just want to stick with what you do know or you are comfortable with, THAT IS OK TOO. YOU ARE WELCOME HERE AND WELCOME IN THAT CHALLENGE. On those days message me and we will get you an alternate verse OR better yet, find a verse not part of the challenge that is part of the topic, write it out, and tag me in it.

So, this is the challenge, are you ready?

Write out the daily prompt in a journal, your scriptures, planner, wherever you want to. Take a picture of it and post it on Instagram (is preferred) or Facebook and tag me in it! @coxscreations. Use the hashtag #coxscreationschallenge. Every person for this first challenge (and until it grows to be too expensive for me to do this for) who participates daily will receive the sticker of that month’s theme that I have designed. These are not the waterproof vinyl stickers, but still excellent quality that you can use for sticker journaling, in your scriptures, planners etc. That’s it!

So, who is ready to take the challenge?! If you are taking the challenge, share this on your social media and tag me in it letting me know you are up for this month’s challenge! From those who share that they are taking the challenge, I will draw names to send a waterproof vinyl sticker to!

I'm so excited and hopeful that this will grow into something big so that we can grow our circle of friends in Christ and help each other grow closer to Him. 

Cox's Creations Challenge

May God Bless You ALWAYS,




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