Starting From Scratch

Posted by Jessica Cox on

Hello my friends! If you're here, it's very likely you found me because I'm blessed to be a designer over at Worthy Written Words! If that wasn't the case you may or may not know me from If that wasn't the case either, or however you did find me, I'm thrilled that you're here!

I still plan to blog over there from time to time, but since starting my new business: "Cox's Creations" I decided, that since I was starting a new Instagram. building up a new Facebook group, and a new Facebook page that I really should make everything be under one name. I love the ability to start anew but also, it's kinda scary starting at square one! 

I'll be sharing a few of my more recent posts from "What Does The Cox Say?" over here and hopefully I can get the hang of things really soon! 


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