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 You guys, I am so excited! I mentioned in my last post that I'm the newest designer at Worthy Written Words. My debut layout was released today and my heart is so happy. You can head here to purchase it. With each release of my new layout I will be posting here or on my instagram account some helpful tips and tricks that I've learned in putting together the page. Here's a picture of the layout in my Deseret Book Doctrine and Covenants:


With metallic gel pens, I added little details to the pop up flowers to make their centers stand out as well as tiny silver dots in the cute little lamb's eyes. I did this before I put them on the page. Also, I recommend underlining the verse BEFORE you put on your sticker page background. 

If you head to my Cox's Creations Instagram page, I have a video up on there with a great tip on how to successfully put down full page stickers because they can be a little tricky! Once I figure out Youtube and not accidentally videoing sideways...I'll share more videos here too. 

This kit was inspired by Doctrine and Covenants 6:34. In the verse, our Savior tenderly addresses us as His "little flock" and reassures us that we need not fear. It is so telling in how much the Savior loves us with the terms of endearment He chooses for us. Because we are His, indeed we need not fear! 

If you work with a larger book of scripture like the Line Upon Line books, they are too large to pull off a full page sticker label in one print. I have made it so you still get the full page sticker look, but getting them to line up straight is tricky too. Even I couldn't do it, and it's my design! Here's my Line Upon Line Version finished: 

Here's my page with just the background stickers on: 

As you can see there is a tiny gap! That is OK! Here's how to fix it. Get out your colored pencils and get colors that are as close to the background as possible and fill in the gaps. Then, color in and around a few of the details on the page in those colors and now you're page is blended in. You will know there's a "mistake" (which it really isn't one). But nobody else will unless you point it out! 

I hope that this tip was useful for you in making this kit if you decide to get it! If you aren't a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that's totally OK! Anywhere in the Bible that mentions the Savior as a Shepherd or his sheep would be a great place to use this layout. If not, I hope this post inspired you to find a scripture that speaks to you and come up with your own layout. I love designing them so much, I feel like scripture journaling brings me so much closer to the Savior. I'm so grateful sweet Aimee introduced me to it. It has been a blessing in my life, and I hope that it becomes one in your life as well! 


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